2015 FICCO Recollection

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Last March 28 and 29, 2015, the FICCO Human Resource Department conducted a recollection for FICCO Officers and Employees with the theme Shepherd Leadership.  The recollection was timed to prepare the participants to have a more meaningful Holy Week observance.

The recollection was conducted by Region.  Listed below are the venues for the recollection with their corresponding facilitators:

Venue Facilitator
Region 1 (Batch A and B) – > Xavier University Searsolin, Upper Balulang, Cagayan De Oro City Fr. Nestor R. Caber
       Cebu & Bohol -> Jesuit Retreat House Shepherd Road, Banawa Hills, Cebu City Mr. Joe Duque and Ms. Arlene Duque
Region 2 -> Diocesan Pastoral Center, Inahan sa Kinabuhi Seminary Compound Del Carmen, Iligan City Sis. Ma. Grazuella J. Aseberos
Region 3 (Butuan)  -> Delta Discovery Park, Bonbon, Butuan CityMedina -> Resort De Alberto, Barangay Bulua, Medina Misamis Oriental


Marvin D. Magbanua
Region 4 ->Jesuit Retreat House, Impalambong, Malaybalay City Rodelle A. Valencia
Region 5 -> La Storta Retreat House, Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City Rhiza G. Mutya


“If you love your family, love your work” emphasized Fr. Nestor Caber, one of the facilitators of the recollection. It is fit not just to FICCO employees but all people in service as well. Reliable human models are needed to advocate on becoming good leaders, dignified and committed.

Indeed it has been a big help for the employees to reflect that despite the circumstances and temptations along the way. The story of the Good Shepherd will also serve as a motivation not just to the company leaders, but to the subordinates as well to work with love and dignity just like the way the Good Shepherd led his flocks to the right path. We might get lost at times, but must always open our eyes and hearts back to the right path of our lives and commitment. Shepherd leadership is not just on doing things in a certain way, but a fully integrated life of thinking, doing and being as a disciple of Christ.