FICCO Culture

Attitude, Values, Goals and Practices

Over the years, through trial and error, successes and failures, FICCO has developed its own unique way of doing things. We call this the FICCO culture.

Culture defined: “The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution.”

1. Total Member Care

a. Quality Service: members feel that joining FICCO is a value added exercise
b. Responsive services: wide range of products/services, business centers, extra working hours
c. Service with personal touch: personnel go out of their way to serve members
d. Active participation of grateful members: members help sell the FICCO idea

2. Good Governance

a. Stewardship and ownership: Officers and staff are prudent custodian of assets
b. Transparency and democracy: The actions of leaders and mgt staff are open to scrutiny
c. Accountability: Paper trail are available to establish responsibility; Officers and mgt staff recognize their responsibilities to protect FICCO’s resources

3. Defining Values

a. Sacrifice: FICCO people are willing to go out of their comfort zones to pursue the greater good
b. Discipline: Everybody follows policies. Meetings and other activities start on time as measure of respect for everyone.
c. Volunteerism, not opportunism: Officers and staff contribute time and skills without counting costs
d. Lean organization: FICCO never for once had a bloated bureaucracy
e. Control cost and expenses: “Spartan” and “minimalist” are words that best described FICCO operation. No frills, no junket.
f. High returns to members: consistently high dividend and patronage refund despite competitive pricing of its services
g. Aggressive yet sure footed: FICCO is the pioneer in branching out in Mindanao but it goes to places where there are already sizable membership. Thus its branches breakeven in just few months of operation