FICCO STAR Program Scholars of 2014

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“We are no longer an ordinary sari-sari store owners”, quoted by one of the STAR program participants during their closing ceremony last November 26, 2014 at FICCO Tiano, Training Hall. FICCO acknowledged twenty-six (26) scholars from FICCO Tiano, and sixteen(16) scholars from FICCO Puerto.

STAR is a 12 weeks program conducted to sari-sari store and carenderia owners. It was a privilege for FICCO STAR educators to mold the lives of forty-two (42) star participants in Region 1. As participants reached the topmost portion of the program they were all motivated by the trainers on the proper management of their respective businesses.

Star Program, in partnership with Coca-Cola and TESDA, is a great step for FICCO to conquer its mission in uplifting the status of every ordinary individual who seeks to improve their lives. The participants will surely be examples on how FICCO help turn the lives of ordinary people into better ones.