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What is SHELL/PETRON Card?

  • A fuel payment system for your vehicle.
  • A system to manage the fuel expenditure of your vehicle.
  • Accepted nationwide.

WHAT can be availed?


What are the benefits?


  • Widest Coverage
  • No Cash Required
  • Swift Transactions


  • BPOS – Base Point-Of-Sale
  • Product Restrictions & Transaction Limits
  • Control Data /Transaction details

Cost Savings

  • Fuel Quality
  • Reduce Admin Cost
    • Paperless (No more PO, No more Cash,No more manual tracking)
  • Interest – free credit
  • Fraud Prevention

Types of Cards

  • Driver Specific / Operator Card
  • Vehicle Specific / Vehicle Card
  • Driver Vehicle Specific / Operator – Vehicle Card

FICCO Fleet Card Credit Line Policy

1.) May be availed by class “A1+”, “A”, and “B-reloan” FICCO members;
2.) Deposit equity: (savings unencumbered)

  • For Class A1+, A1 & A, the savings deposits requirement shall be 30% of the Credit Line, this will be held-out for the line.
  • For Class B – reloan 50%

3.) Maximum Credit Limit

  • Members with 5 or more vehicles – P 100,000
  • Members with less than 5 vehicles P 50,000.

4.) Cut-off for statement of accounts will be every 15th & 30th of each month.

5.) Members will be notified through Text or e-mail within 3 days, when their statement of account is already available.

6.) No additional charges if settled within 7 calendar days from statement date.

7.) Service fee of ¼ of 1% will be charged if not settled from 8th to 10th day after statement date.

8.) Card will be BLOCKED if not settled on the 11th day from statement date.

9.) An Interest of 8% p.a. or 0.022% per day if settled on 11th day from statement date onwards.

10.) 3% penalty if settled after 26th day from statement date.

11.) Lost and damage card shall be immediately reported to FICCO. (within 24 hours)

12.) P 100 replacement fee for lost and damage card.