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What is GCASH?

GCASH is a mobile money service which transforms the mobile phone into a virtual wallet, empowering customers to buy load, pay bills, send money, donate, and shop online at the convenience of their fingertips.

Mobile Money Services

Pay Bills
Pay Globe Telecom, credit cards, insurance, loans, and even e-pass on the go.

Buy load
Buy prepaid airtime load for self or others and enjoy 10% rebate, free of service charge.

Send Money
Send money to Globe/TM subscribers, Facebook or Email contacts at the speed of a text message.

Shop Online
Shop online via GCASH American Express Virtual Pay.

Donate, and purchase from merchants using GCASH.


A disbursement ATM Card + Mobile Access
Enables employees and clients to withdraw their salaries, loan proceeds, dividends and other benefits from any of 9,000+ or 7,000 + outlets nationwide.

Cash-In & Cash-Out (CICO) Services

Cash-In = a process of Converting CASH to GCASH
Cash-Out = a process of Converting GCASH to CASH
Transaction Fee = 1% of the Amount
Closed Loop = FICCO will use its own remittance table for FEES and remittance can be claimed at FICCO’s nearest outlet or direct credit to member’s Powerpay+. (FICCO can set its own Fees Table)

LOAD Business: Buy & Sell Load (via GCASH)

  • Coop Members can sell prepaid LOAD (via GCASH) at 10% discount.
  • FICCO will earn 1% as Revenue Share of the entire Volume of all Coop Members

BILLSPAYMENT of Coop Members (via GCASH)

BILLSPAYMENT =is a service of GCASH that allows FICCO members to send their loan payments using via GCASH using their mobile phones in anywhere at anytime at their convenience. (Globe will charge P 10 per bills payment as transaction Fee)

GCASH Remit Service

GCASH Remit = is a pick-up service of Globe to create (SEND) and claim (RECEIVE) of money transfer. A reference Code will be created for Claiming on the other end.

Standard = using standard table and References Codes created can be Claimed in any of GCASH outlets nationwide.