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Pureit Water Purifier


What is Pureit?
Pureit is a revolutionary innovation by Unilever to provide a solution to the need of safe drinking water. It is the only water purifier which has “Germ Kill Processor” that kills bacteria and microorganisms found in our drinking water. It provides complete protection from fatal water-borne diseases that may harm the human body such as diarrhea, cholera, jaundice and typhoid.
Pureit undergoes Multi-Stage Purification Process that removes harmful causing viruses and bacteria in your water:
Sediment Filter – removes visible dead particles.
Germ Kill Processor – uses programmed germ kill technology to target and remove harmful viruses and bacteria.
Micro-Fiber Mesh – removes precipitated metallic impurities.
Carbon Polisher – removes harmful parasites, pesticides, and chlorine to provide crystal clear, odorless, and natural tasting water.
Microcharged membrane – final purification stage.
The item has a replaceable set of consumable called the “Germ Kill Kit”. It needs immediate replacement as soon as the germ kit power is exhausted which means even if it still has water in it, it will automatically shut off the flow of water due to its Advanced Auto Shut-off Mechanism, thus, ensuring that no member of the family will drink unsafe water.

Pureit is present in 12 countries and is certified by USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency).