Pa Miembro Na sa Coop Health Care Program

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Schedule of COOP Health Benefit and Fees

Maximum Benefit Limit Php 60,000/yr 80,000 /yr /illness/dse. 100,000 /yr /illness/dse.
Note:All availment deductable toMBL
MODE OF PAYMENT – ANNUAL Php2,700.00 Php7,800.00 Php11,400.00


  1. Confinement
  2. Out-Patient Consultation
  3. Out-Patient Treatment of illness and injury
  4. Dental Services
  5. Annual Physical Examination
  6. Financial Assistance (Natural Death – Php 10,000.00 and Accidental Death – Php 20,000.00)

NOTE: All Enrollees must be Members of PhilHealth. In case an enrollee is not a PhilHealth Member, PhilHealth portion must be paid by the Member directly to the hospital at the point of availment (upon discharge).

FICCO will subsidize a portion of the premium  based on a first-come-first-served-basis for all REGULAR members on the  FIRST YEAR OF ENROLMENT for the Year 2016 only :

First 25,000 enrollees     1,000.00
25,001 to 50,000        700.00
50,001 to 75,000        500.00
75,001 to 100,000        300.00

NOTE: No subsidy for those who will enroll after the 100,000 enrollees. ENROLL NOW!!!