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FICCO Community Outreach Foundation, Inc (FCOF) in 2018

FICCO Community Outreach Foundation, Inc (FCOF) in 2018

The FICCO Community Outreach Foundation, Inc. is the social responsibility arm of the First Community Cooperative.

FCOF stands well with FICCO, sharing the same COOP CULTURE and objectives.

Our Vision says: “FCOF envisions that the ‘small people’, those who have less in life, will have more, will do more, will be more and share more.”

Our Mission also says: “FCOF commits its resources, programs and services (human, material and technical) in partnership with FICCO to attain this vision.”

Today, our programs and activities cover the following:

Coop Training, help different cooperatives to become better cooperatives through training them with CDA required training modules.

Outreach, seeks to help the abused and abandoned children and elders, the mentally challenged and the people deprived of Liberty in the prison cells as our beneficiaries.

Community Assistance, seeks to help the community in need of assistance.

Calamity Assistance, seeks to help the community that went through different calamities such as but not limited to (earthquake, fire, storm and war victims)

Environmental Protection, aims to spearhead and take part in activities that will promote the protection and preservation of the environment.

Social Enterprise, strives to help and develop projects that will benefit the farmers.

Scholarship, pursues to give scholarship grants on poor but deserving scholars. Currently, there are 46 scholars of FCOF all over Mindanao.

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