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FICCO Employees Join The Asia Pacific Cooperative Summit

FICCO Employees Join The Asia Pacific Cooperative Summit

The Asia Pacific Youth Summit aims to promote the youth to engage more in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and to strengthen the cooperative movement and its capacity to promote international development.

There where about 140 delegates from 16 countries in Asia Pacific representing their individual cooperatives including FICCO’s representatives namely: Charrie Merto, Crizile Mae Beronilla, Roxan Bacala and Oeasha Madjos.

There were outdoor and experiential learning and community immersion activities such as Cacao grafting, making organic fertilizer, rice planting and buffalo feeding. The activities aimed to raise awareness and appreciation of the realities besetting the people in the community.

One of the highlights in the summit is the Coop Pitch wherein a battle of new ideas and innovative solutions were presented to promote the cooperative enterprise model.

We all came from different countries with different culture and beliefs but with the common goal in reaching out to our members and to the community; we have set aside each other’s differences and work hand in hand in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal.

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