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FICCO Online Pre-Membership Seminar

FICCO Online Pre-Membership Seminar

Join the FICCO Online Pre-Membership Seminar by following the simple steps below:
1. Register at or scan the QR Code.
2. Check the email address registered for an email confirmation, then click the link provided.
NOTE: Make sure to provide the correct and active email address
3. Log-in to your account and pay the Seminar Fee amounting to Php40 by scanning the QR Code using the GCash app, and save the receipt.
4. Attach the receipt amounting to Php40 as proof of payment. Wait for the email confirmation in the provided email address.
5. After the confirmation, log in to your account then proceed to “COURSES” and watch the Pre-Membership Videos.
6. Answer correctly the short evaluation exam. Once done, a Certificate of Completion (COC) will be provided. Download and save the certificate.
To open a FICCO account:
1. Open the GCash App and pay Php790 which includes: Membership Fee, FICCO I.D, Initial Deposit, Insurances.
Download and Save the receipt.
8. On your online account, click the “HOME” button and attach the receipt amounting to P790.
9. An email confirmation will be sent for the successful opening of FICCO account. Allow 3-5 working days for the creation of your account.
Create your future,
Live your dream with us.
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