How to become a FICCO Member?

Join the Pre-Membership Seminar (PMS) conducted in any FICCO Offices.

When is Pre Membership Seminar conducted?

Main Branch: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Saturday, 4th Sunday of the Month

Other Branches: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Saturday, 4th Sunday of the Month

Time: 12:30pm – 5:00pm

How much do we pay if we open an account for regular membership?

Pre-membership fees:
Seminar’s Fee ₱ 40.00
Membership Fee ₱ 50.00
I.D. ₱ 150.00
Subscription Agreement (notarial) ₱ 50.00
Share Capital ₱ 100.00
Savings Deposit ₱ 100.00
Home Protect ₱ 250.00
Family Protect– Registration– Monthly Contribution  ₱ 50.00₱ 40.00
TOTAL ₱ 830.00

What are the requirements needed to open an account?

  • 2 pcs  1×1 I.D Picture
  • Residence Certificate
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Marriage Contract (if applicable)/ 2pcs
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of Valid I.D
  • Business or Barangay Permit
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)


What are the requirements when applying for a FICCO Loan?
  • – A member if FICCO
  • – Proof of identity (ex: Valid IDs)
  • – Proof of Residency (ex: Billing- Water and Electricity)
  • – Proof of Income (ex: Pay slip – if employed; Business Permit – owns a business)
What are the Requirements to a specific type of loan?
Please visit your branch of membership for the specific requirements needed.


What Are The Insurance Products & Services Offered In Ficco

Life Services

  1. Savings Protection Plan (SPP)
  2. Loan Protection Plan (LPP)
  3. KooPamilya(MBA)
  4. Mutual Aid Fund (MAF)
  5. Memorial Services
  6. Retirement/Installment Savings Insurance-New*

Non-Life Services

  1. Home Protect
  2. Fire Insurance and Allied Perils
  3. Motor Vehicle or Car Insurance

Who is/are the the claimant-beneficiary/ies of the deceased FICCO member?

The Table below will be observed in determining the claimant-beneficiary of the deceased FICCO member, provided, the designated beneficiary/ies is/are not contrary to law to receive the proceeds:

Insurance Plan
Savings Protection Plan (SPP) Whether joint or single account
Loan Protection Plan (LPP) Applied first to Loan, excess (if any) goes to beneficiary
Koopamilya (MBA)
Home Protect

B: If no declared beneficiary, extrajudicial settlement or adjudication of legal heirs.(refer table B)

Single If Re-marry –widow(er)
1. With Children 1. With Children Spouse (legal) and Children (recognized) from current and first family
2. If without Children 2. If without Children (current)
  • Parents
  • Spouse and
  • Siblings –all (if both parents are deceased)
  • children from first family or Parents if no Children
3. Refer to legal (if no parents and siblings)
  • If application/enrollment form is lost, the branch will execute an Affidavit of Loss and settlement will be done through extrajudicial settlement or adjudication of legal heirs. (refer table B)
  • For Minor Beneficiary/ies, proceeds will be placed as Time Deposit (or RS) to be withdrawn upon the legal age of the minor-beneficiary.

LIST of accredited partners of Coop Health.

Can motor claims be repaired at casa?

Yes provided the year model of the vehicle is not more than 3 years.

If car is more than 3 years, where can be repaired?

Preferably at our accredited shops.

What are the usual reasons of additional requirements?

-Pictures and/or text are not clear

-Inconsistent or discrepancies of information without explanation or affidavit

-Claims are deniable