Housing Loans

Housing Assistance Loan – for housing improvement and repair with a maximum of amount of P 2 million payable in 60 equal monthly installments.

House Construction Loan – Lot where the house is to be constructed must be owned and titled in the name of the borrower.

Condo/ Apartment Acquisition Financing – The Condo/Apartment is ready for occupancy and transfer, however, separate title is not yet ready.

First Home Housing Loan

  • Can cover only the first housing/condo unit that member will own.
  • Interest rate at 8% effective, no service fee, provided the loan value of the housing/condo unit, including the lot, plus the deposit equity fully covers the loan exposure; uncovered loan exposure can be covered by PDC or additional REM or assignment of deposits.
  • For brand new housing or condo units, the loan value can be computed at 60% of fair market value;
  • Interest rate: subjected to review every two years.
  • Not subjected to patronage refund, considering its concessional rate.