Other Loan Services

Educational Loan – For payment of educational expenses of members or dependents. Proceeds of the loan is payable to the school, or in case of books or uniforms, the same will be payable to the supplier.

Salary Loan – Employed members could make use of this product for their personal needs. A memorandum of agreement between FICCO and the member’s employer shall be prepared and signed before the loan is approved

Petty Cash Loan – Perhaps one of the best selling loans of FICCO, because it is an “instant” loan, this is an over-the-counter loan facility, where members can avail based on their share capital bracket with maximum term of six months.

Calamity – Members who were affected by calamities can avail this loan. All they have to do is to present documents supporting their claim and verified by a competent FICCO staff. This loan is based on individual member’s classification.

Memorial Lot &/or Services Loan – FICCO has acquired memorial lots with the Pryce Gardens and is selling these lots together with the maintenance package. FICCO members are enjoined to avail this service in order for them to benefit in the lower prices of the package.

LAD, LATD or LARS/IS – These are basically back to back loans secured by the member’s deposits. These are also referred to as instant loans because of its fast processing and releasing.