Agricultural Loans

Farmers in their efforts to feed the people, the following agricultural loan subtypes are established. These loans are designed to be paid upon harvest and to help spur the countryside agricultural activities, viz;

Rice and Corn Crop Loan – a “short-term” loan (6 months to pay) designed to finance a single-cropping cycle.

Sugar Cane Crop Loan -12 to 15 months term (planting to harvest).

Cassava Crop Loan – 12 months term.

Other Crop Loan -For Other crops such as vegetable growing, mango blooming, goat raising, etc. 36 months term payable every 6 months.

Agricultural Lot Purchase – designed to help member- farmers acquire farm lots of their own.

Aqua Culture Loan – For prawn and fish culture payable in 6 months.

Livestock Loan – limited to hog-raising for select beneficiaries. Maximum term is 4 months.